Plastics Never-Ending Lifespan Has Ended

That constant migraine for environmentalists, known as indestructible plastic, has been resolved. Scientists found a process to treat the toughest of plastic compounds with ultraviolet light making it susceptible to White-rot fungi. These fungi decompose the plastic while enjoying the toxins for an energy boost. No harmful substances are released into the environment.

Plastic Packaging for Added Interest

A dynamic reason why manufacturers love to use plastic packaging is that it is not only water resistant, but the clear package features their products with visibility. Labels adhere well and multi-colored screen printing further highlights a visibly pleasing product. An example is clear plastic tubes with colored gum balls or gift wrapping paper.

Shrink Wrap

Have an unexpected adventure and track the process of plastics manufacture from petroleum refinery to medical products and colorful gum balls, to packaging process and final breakdown by ultraviolet cooking for hungry, hazardous-waste eating fungi. It’s worth the trip just to see the soothing of angry environmentalists!

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